Partridge Gambra Hunting

Dates: From October to January Partridge Gambra Hunting

Partridges (Barbary Partridge / alectoris barbara) 700 to 800 gr.

Totally wild game with good density / Table through a rough shooting: 8/10 partridge.



30,000 Ha (3 twinned reserves) in the heart of the Western High Atlas to 85 km of Marrakech.

Elevation 1 000 to 2 100 meters.

Land diverse mountains for sport hunting, small hills for easier hunting.

Varied landscapes: rocky terrain, small juniper forests, small oak trees, prickly pears,

False alfa, terraced fields.



Departure from Marrakech to 7:30 in all-terrain vehicle with driver. After an hour and a half drive, meeting with hunting guides and porters.

Starting on foot or by mule to dominate the course of hunting.

Hunting itself with mullet with or without a dog.

The game gets up companies 8/15 and partridges hunting is practiced in small lines from February to April guns.

Strong reactions from wild partridge shooting requires good correction.

Picnic lunch (salad, grilled over a wood fire, cheese, fruit, wine, water, tea)

In the late afternoon, drive to the hunting lodge. dinner and accommodation facility.

Second day: either back to Marrakech or second day of hunting on a new course.