In Morocco, regulation of hunting is quite complex and sometimes constraining, because the legislature is concerned to permit the exercise of the sport while ensuring the sustainability of the national game stocks. Unlike other countries or hunting rights attached to ownership in Morocco the right to hunt belongs to the state, who can delegate the exercise under certain conditions. This method greatly simplifies the task of managers.

    By regulating hunting and the conditions under which it is allowed to investigate, pursue and capture game, we allow it to defend itself, ensuring its sustainability for the future generation.

    The exercise of hunting in the area and hunting reserves:

    The High Commission for Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification may prohibit certain territories hunting by order. In this context, there are two categories of permanent and temporary reserves reserves.

    The permanent reserves are areas or hunting is permanently prohibited or for a very long time.

    the rest of the national territory is divided into temporary or hunting reserves is prohibited for one or more consecutive hunting seasons. This allows the game to reproduce and to increase.

    Tourist hunting companies:

    To develop hunting tourism in Morocco, some areas were classified and Leased to tourist hunting companies. These territories are quite large and located in very different environments, to be representative of different habitats and allow the hunting of all game species of Moroccan wildlife.

    By its geographical position, Morocco is less than three hours flight from major European capitals and thus can claim a more important position in the international hunting tourism.