Created in 1987, Chassamir to her hunters provides its eight hunting areas throughout the Kingdom of Morocco.

    All this territory where the right to hunt was farmed out and reserved for our hunters were selected prior to tender for the quality of their biotope, such as:
    Partridge Gambra, Boar, Quail, Snipe, Thrush, Turtledove... over 100,100 Ha to meet the specific demands of each hunter.
    The hunting regulations, revised every year and rehabilitated favors the promotion and exercisse this passion.
    To receive the greatest number of hunters visiting our country important facilities of measures have been taken under the supervision of the General Directorate of Waters and Forests.
    So the search continues devleppement hunting tourism in Morocco under the drive and the Presidency of the High Commissioner for Water and Forests presage a good future for this activity

    So Come and discover the beauty of this Kingdom, the diversity of the game and the quality of our services